Our technology

Nowex Translations does not believe in "one solution suits all". For each client we build a specific process that addresses the specific client's requirements and optimizes final project costs without diminishing the target quality.

We would like to extend your capabilities by adding our competences in globalization, and our goal is the seamless integration of our services into the workflow and process of your company.

We at Nowex Translations aim to give our customers maximum transparency and convenience. We build a specific process for each client that matches its needs.

When you work with Nowex Translations , you have a single point of contact, the responsible project manager, who will keep you informed of all details relating to your project.

Nowex Translations uses a variety of tools that suit most common situations. Whenever we talk about localization, translation, help engineering or testing, we have a suitable tool.

Our approach to translation is based on Translation Memory technology. Extensive reuse of existing materials results in considerable cost reduction for our clients. We have broad experience with all the leading translation memory tools, so if a client has his own preferences we can satisfy them.

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