Nowex translations offers an integrated service package. We provide such services as software and help localization, screen forms resizing, translation of user documentation and marketing materials, software adaptation to local requirements, localization testing, development of terminology dictionaries, as well as other services you may need.

Nowex Translations offers software solutions from the cutting edge of technology, user friendliness and cultural knowledge base. Completely integrated unit provide end to end software solutions, designed to meet the objectives set out. Nowex software developers, programmers and GUI designers ensure total integration of back-end solution to the visual and user friendliness of the software application. In addition, Nowex software engineers and GUI designers adapt your software applications to any language, besides providing updating and maintenance services at regular intervals.

Nowex Translations makes extensive use of leading computer-aided translation tools such as Trados and SDLX. We have relevant experience working with a variety of popular localization tools including Catalyst, Visual Studio, Robohelp and Multilizer.

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